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FOX News
Jan 1, 2013 1:00pm PST
, we have a problem. >> houston, we have a problem. words that would be forever linked to commander jim level. >> when the explosion occurred , i thought to myself, why me? for a little while i couldn't believe what was happening. then all of a sudden i said, well, it is me and it is now. so what's next? >> the command module's normal supply of electricity, light and water all lost. there was no heat source. they were 200,000 miles from earth and going in the wrong direction. >> did you ever think i might die? >> well, we thought our chances were about 10%. >> did you really? >> oh yes. when we realized after we saw theal oxygen escaping that things could be really bad. >> we have broken into space. >> as the world watched ground control in houston faced a formidable task. think of a way for the crew to fix their space ship, test it and then write out step by step procedures for the astronauts to follow just to get home. >> we immediately went to the simulators to try to do in the simulators what they had to do in the damaged apolo 13 spacecraft to get them home. >> we are trying to com
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1